Kenney C. Lillard’s Legacy Will Forever Live

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Our Days of Rememberence

Brother Kenny on the right

In rememberence of our beloved brother we are raising money for his funeral. Kenney Chisholm had strong mind and was a very knowlegeable young man with a lot going on for his self. From birth the Lord had a calling on his life. $8,500.00 is needed in order for the family to give him a proper burial. Kenney we miss you,deeply and as time passes we will make sure your life is continued, through our memories, through our friends and family, and through our Music.
Condolence go’s out to the family as we rais money to give our Brother/Son/Friend the proper funeral.

Here is a link were you can find it in your heart to send Blessings.


Erykah Badu’s Tweet’s, Motown Folding… Rumors After

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When Erykah Badu tweets, people sure do listen.

Wednesday afternoon, the soultress caused a full on frenzy when she tweeted only two words: “Motown folded”

Within minutes of Erykah’s tweet, hundreds of her followers hit their retweet button and #ripmotown tribute tweets began pouring out.

Today, label heads sought to do some rumor control and ease the web panic that has spun out of control.

Top executives at Universal told Billboard that although the label is undergoing restructuring the the wake of Sylvia Rhone’s departure last month, it is not folding. At the time of Rhone’s departure, UMG planned to begin interviewing candidates to replace her, although what title that person will get depends on the qualifications he or she brings to the job. With Barry Weiss serving as the chairman/CEO of Island Def Jam and Universal Motown Republic Group, it is not clear that the replacement will hold the title of president, insiders said.


Motown’s former president, Sylvia Rhone was responsible for overseeing the label’s artist roster which includes Miss Badu. Rhone also oversaw the careers of Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj through Universal’s Cash Money and Young Money subsidiaries. An official replacement has not been named but General Manager, Pat Monaco is currently running the label from day to day.

In a statement after Rhone’s departure. the label said:

We remain committed to [Motown] as a strong presence in the contemporary music scene. We will soon announce important additions to the staff and will further invest in building its artist roster so Motown can continue to bring to market the highest quality music that is best positioned to succeed artistically and commercially.

Though the iconic label gets its name from Detroit, Motown moved to Los Angeles under founder Berry Gordy directions in 1972. Since then, the label has been sold three times- in 1988 to MCA records, in 1994 to PolyGram and in 1995 when it was acquired by Seagram and changed the company name to Universal Music Group.  Of Motown’s original iconic acts, only Stevie Wonder remains on the label’s artist roster.

‘El Brad Pitt’ Arrested

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MEXICO CITY — Federal authorities detained a former police officer accused of leading the armed wing of the violent Juarez Cartel in northern Mexico, the government said Thursday.

Marco Antonio Guzman, who had several aliases including “El Brad Pitt,” was captured Wednesday in the U.S. border state of Chihuahua along with two alleged accomplices, according to a federal police statement.

Guzman, 34, was brought to the Mexican capital Thursday and shown, handcuffed, to the news media.

Police said Guzman was involved in the June 15, 2010 car bomb explosion that killed a federal police officer and two civilians.

To go unnoticed, he tried to look like a tourist wearing his hair long, a baseball cap and a camera around his neck. According to the official, gang associates said Guzman looked like Pitt in a scene from the American film “Spy Game” about CIA agents, in which the actor wore a similar outfit.

The nickname apparently stuck.

Fresh On Campus College Tour

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Fresh On Campus College Tour

 Music and spoken word is powerful, it can hit hard, or pull on the strings of many peoples hearts. The student government and board members of Tri-C joined forces to figure out how to use this art form as an incentive, and raise the retention rate at Tri-C.  Tykeisha Tucker Senator at large said “We plan to go to a majority of colleges and high schools all through out the state of Ohio, to encourage our generation to want more out of life and make a better tomorrow.”

The goal is to keep students motivated, not only here at Tri-C but, at all schools across the nation. “If our generation where given the torch right now we would fail.” Tucker said. “That is why we put this event together so our generation would be ready and prepared to carry the torch when it is passed down.”

The student government believes that students helping students, is the best way to help people return to school and stick to learning their lessons. Students can relate more to music and take advice better from their peers. “To educate motivate and inspire is our goal.” Says Alex Shorter president of student government.

As students we all face struggle at some point in our learning experiences. This is why student government is reaching out. Shorter who has put together the team that will make this concert jump off with out a hitch.  They have about 18 artists and speakers coming to spread the word on how important education can be for ones future. “This event focuses on youth of all different ethnic backgrounds who have a hard time finishing college.”

The show will be on April 30th in the Metro Arts Auditorium it starts at 5pm and will be Free of charge with your College I.D. The metro campuses Phi Theta Kappa National Honors Society can see their vision and support it. Local businesses, the district, Radio One, and many more supporters see this event as a cause worth supporting. Remember it is never too late to make a change in your community.

“Finger Lickin Good”

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Flavor Flav‘s fried chicken restaurant may be opening up it’s second location soon. Flav is close to wrapping up negotiations to bring Flav’s Fried Chicken to the Riviera Casino in Las Vegas.

Flavor Flav met with Riviera Casino execs on Monday and nearly finalized a deal that would bring Flav’s Fried Chicken to the casino. Quite the step up from the restaurant’s first location in rural Iowa.

Flav’s Fried Chicken received some negative press recently as some employees claimed that their paychecks were bouncing. Flavor Flav denied that there were payroll issues within the company.



“Sex”…With Jeremih

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Jeremih gets grilled with a few sexual questions for Vibes upcoming Sex issue. He touches on sexting, light on or off, etc. In related news, his single “Down On Me” featuring is officially platinum.

Click Here To See the Video

We Rock Youth Mic

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Look out folks, if your looking for a place to show case your talents here is where you can make your start. Grande of Befly Mag has opened a Stage to showcase some of our local talent in Cleveland. There will be food, drink and a live Dj. Come out and support the talent at The Kitchen Party Center 6816 Superior Ave. Cleveland Ohio 44112 from 12 noon till 6pm

for more Information Contact Ms. Grande 216-324-2993